What is The Cricket Podcast?

The Cricket Podcast is a topical cricket podcast, featuring Jack Hope, Max Rowe-Brown and Ross Legg. On weekly episodes we review the big news from the world of cricket, as well as chatting with some of the biggest names in the sport.

You can find the podcast website here, or go direct to the show below:

Why have you got a substack?

As time has gone by we have found that not everything we want to talk about on our show fits. This channel provides an outlet for us to expand on some of our ideas, and talk about those things which are a little bit off topic, outside of the structure of our weekly shows.

Contact us

We love talking to our listeners and followers. Mostly we do that via Twitter (@thecricketpod), but you can also find us on Instagram (@thecricketpod) or drop us an email: thecricketpod@gmail.com

Write for us

If you want to write something for us then we’d be happy to publish it (as long as we like it!). Drop us a message and we can talk…